social networking

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Networking with Your Colleagues


Have you ever received a friend request on Facebook from a work colleague? If so, you might have been hesitant to accept it, but feared you couldn’t refuse because it might send the wrong message. When put on the spot to connect with your boss, manager, or another coworker, you might not have any choice but to accept. If you do, here are some pointers on how to keep your social networking activities work appropriate on the top social networks.

social networking

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time management

Time Management: How to Increase Your Productivity


Bloated to-do lists and procrastination are productivity killers—it’s easy to get overwhelmed when there are 28 overdue tasks on your reminders list. So we’re always looking for the perfect time management system that helps us focus on what needs to get done, and block out the distractions that derail efficiency. Whether it’s a regimented plan or a daily centering of your goals, a truly effective productivity strategy motivates you without totally disrupting the workday.

steve jobs time quote

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telepresence robot

Telepresence: Our Robot Colleagues


Telepresence is a combination of technologies that lets you feel like you are present somewhere other than your actual location. Most of us are familiar with it in one form or another. Standard video conferencing applications as well as your personal smartphone can all be considered “telepresence” but there are also more “far out” forms of telepresence too. My favorite is robots!


Photo Courtesy of PhotoAtelier

These robots are basically Skype on wheels and can be driven around simply by pressing the arrow keys on your computer keyboard. The sound and video quality are great – and there’s even the possibility to share screens.

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angry customer

How to Deal with Angry Customers


Whether you have an online or offline business, at some point, you will have to deal with angry customers. Sometimes it might be your fault, but often, customers become angry about things that are beyond your control. No matter what the circumstance, the way you handle your angry customers will ultimately affect the success of your business. In this post, we’re going to look at the art of how to deal with angry customers.

angry customers

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business traveler

Infographic: Is Business Travel Still Relevant?


business travel

For The Road

If you’re thinking about cutting back on travel as a way to conserve your business’s revenue during these challenging economic times, you might want to think again. While sending employees around the world to seek out new opportunities for your business may seem like a distant dream, consider the fact 15 major industries have concluded that business travel can lead to more sales and produce more profit. With this in mind, eliminating travel expenses altogether from your business budget may not be the best idea.

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How to Form a Habit, A Scientific Approach


A great daily routine is the holy grail of productivity. But the building blocks for that routine, habits, are tough to start, and even harder to change. Whether you want to meditate more, drink more water, or floss more than twice a month, these psychology-backed strategies can help you develop a new habit and keep it from fading.

habit quote

How a habit is born

You probably already know what a habit is (heck, you probably have a few of your own) but here’s a basic definition: a habit is behavior that an individual performs over and over again, sometimes automatically. But what turns a behavior into a habit?

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How We Launch New Products and Features


Launching something new is difficult and risky. Doing it wrong can cost you. The only way to make sure you’re not in the trenches is a solid process that can be repeated and measured.

Be a Space Ship

Can you imagine the amount of thought that goes into a NASA space launch? According to this fantastic post, before it’s bureaucratic demise, the Space Shuttle was the most complex machine ever built. It was constructed with over 2.5 million parts and 230 miles of wiring. It was an incredibly complicated endeavor which required the highest levels of thought and preparation.

Dave Ramsey

I’m not advocating spending unnecessary years in your product launch, but thinking through each and every case is the only way to avoid serious mistakes. In this post, I will outline our process for launching new features at Sqwiggle. It’s not quite rocket science, but we do things in a particularly decisive manner and I believe it serves us well.

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sweden's productivity

Sweden’s 6-hour Workday Could be the Answer to Higher Productivity


An experiment in Sweden is going to test whether six-hour workdays for government employees lead to higher productivity and fewer sick days. It’s not the first of its kind, though. Several experiments like this have been tried in Sweden before, with most failing to show promising results. Some caused so much tension among employees who were and weren’t part of the experiment that they were given up on.

Sweden’s not doing too bad already in terms of how many hours they work on average. Compared to other countries around the world, there are plenty of others that could do with cutting back a bit:


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stairway to success

5 Things that Super Successful Entrepreneurs Do Well


Steve Jobs. Bill Gates. Walt Disney. Oprah. All household names. All some of the most powerful entrepreneurs of the modern world. These are people that seized opportunities when and where they could and carved paths for themselves where there were none before. What do these game changers have in common? A lot more than you’d think.

Entrepreneurs share some pretty unique qualities that exist in all of us but can remain dormant if left untapped. Where some of us ignore that little voice telling us to go for it, successful entrepreneurs listen. They turn that little spark into a bonfire. Wondering what characteristics these bigwigs share? Read on for some inspiration of your own.


Do what you love. Seems simple enough, right? Not always. Sure, most of us can remember being told to follow our dreams when we were younger. “You can be whatever you want when you grow up,” as the saying goes. But it isn’t always that easy. Or is it? Some of the most successful doers and thinkers of the world took chances. They weren’t afraid to pursue their passions no matter how harebrained they seemed.

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home office

How to Build The Perfect Home Office: A Scientific Approach


Getting your home office right is actually more important than you think. This study by Sheffield Hallam University, concludes that among all generations tested, an organized workspace with lots of light and free of distraction contributes greatly to your ability to focus on the task at hand. Creating a space that’s conducive to your personal ability to achieve is quite possibly the most introspective but valuable investment you can make.

Let’s dive into the specifics and talk about how you can design a space that will work for you.

Robert Frost - Office

1. Funnel and Shape the Light to Enhance Your Work

Lighting can come in a few different forms. Whether it’s natural light which flows freely in or artificial lighting, testing to find out what works for you can have big implications on your productivity. Let’s take a look at the different options and see how we can maximize on both.

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