Infographic: What Will Workplaces of the Future Look Like?


There’s no doubt that our future includes more telecommuters and work flexibility. What else does our future hold? (Personally, I’m crossing my fingers for flying cars.)

Now, we’ve previously written about what if we ALL became telecommuters (and the things we wouldn’t miss), but what would our workplaces look like? Will we even HAVE offices? Top Management Degrees explored this issue and made a cool infographic speculating what our world will be like with the increase of telework.

They believe that our future office consists of increased transparency, hospitality, and sustainability. Also, meetings may be heavily focused on telepresence, where remote persons can meet using webcams and computer screens. Check out how else our workplaces may change years from now in their infographic:

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research and data blogging

Writing Data Driven Blog Posts and Why I’m Not Good at It


I’m actually very envious of many bloggers who seem to be incredibly data driven and have a deep need to qualify everything they say with solid research, even if that research is the simple repurposing of someone else’s work. They do it and they do it well. I wish I was that good.

As I’m looking through other’s blog posts, I’m trying to identify a pattern in what I perceived to be excellent blogging. It’s really hard to pinpoint because every post is different but to identify one common theme it would have to be science and numbers. I think the general nature of people who read blog posts on a regular basis tend to be more responsive to these types of posts.

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15 Things We Wouldn’t Miss if We All Became Telecommuters


We all know that working in an office can sometimes be an annoying pain. Imagine if we ALL became telecommuters. Can you imagine all the things you wouldn’t have to deal with anymore?! Oh what a life that would be.

Since telecommuting is on the rise, it’s not a farfetched idea anymore. If we all became telecommuters, these are 15 items that we definitely will not miss.

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productivity in a startup

The Life of an Optimizer


I am an optimizer. Always have been, always will be.

I think in life, it’s important to recognize your core competencies and one of mine is definitely optimization. Recently, I was watching an interview with a popular tech CEO and she laid out a story of how she would always take the diagonal path to her classes in college. Her friends would walk the pavement, but she would always take the shortest distance to get from A to B.

That thinking really resonated with me.

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coworking membership

How to Make the Most Out of Your Coworking Membership


As you probably already know, coworking spaces aren’t cheap if you don’t fully utilize it. Contrary to what you might think, coworking spaces are more than just a desk and chair that you use outside of your home; coworking memberships offer many more benefits beyond that.

Sure, you could consume several hundreds of dollars worth of coffee and snacks to make up for the cost, but I wouldn’t advise that. There are other ways you can milk your membership to make sure you maximize it.

Here are a few ways you can make the most of coworking membership to make it worth every penny:

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remote worker

10 Blogs Every Remote Worker Should Follow


I know every remote worker has “one of those days,” where he or she feels a little less motivated than usual. When I’m dragging my feet, I like to turn to well-written, inspirational blogs to motivate me and give me productivity tips so I can start cranking out tasks.

For when you’re having a low point in your day, turn to some inspirational and motivational reading for a pick-me-up. I’d thought I’d share some great blogs that I like to turn to. I love them all because there’s always something new that I learn and I walk away feeling refreshed and inspired. Check them out:

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remote and distributed teams

“Remote and Distributed Teams”, Behind the Business – Episode 1


In this new podcast series, Sqwiggle Co-founder Matt Boyd discusses with other founders and CEOs regarding their experiences in building a company. In this episode we’ll talk with Wade Foster from Zapier, Walter Chen from iDoneThis and J Sherwani from Screenhero about building and working with distributed teams. Is it really possible and if so, how practical is it? Find out in this episode of Behind the Business!

Special Guests:
Wade Foster from Zapier
Walter Chen from iDoneThis
J Sherwani from Screenhero

virtual workplace

10 Rules for An Effective Virtual Workplace and Remote Collaboration


Effective teams and collaboration is needed for any and all teams. It’s just more challenging for ones that are distributed or remote. This is because ties are generally weaker within a remote team, since there are fewer opportunities to bond.

If you don’t focus on improving the collaboration and communication in your virtual workplace, it create a weaker team, straining your company from its potential.

To help you foster a successful and effective virtual workplace, we’ve created 10 rules you should use to improve your remote collaboration efforts:

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