Six Apps For Traveling Abroad With Your Smartphone


Traveling abroad can be a wonderful experience; whether for business or pleasure, you’ll be exposed to tons of new culture, people, and food. However, with this exploration comes many changes to daily life: from the currency you use to the way you move about a city.

Depending on how often you travel, these changes can be rough. Luckily, with the rise of the smartphone, these changes are becoming easier and easier to overcome using mobile apps that can guide you throughout new cities, convert currencies, and even find an internet connection.

travel quote

Below, you’ll find my top six go-to iPhone and iPad applications for international travel. Most of these applications are free on the App Store and can be used offline, making them great for budget travelers. Please do note that you won’t find applications that are used for booking travel in this roundup.

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How We Built Our First Sales Funnel


When building out your initial sales funnel, analyzing your leads is the most powerful strategy you can employ. At Sqwiggle, we research every company that comes through the door. We qualify them by potential deal size. When a company has more than 100 potential seats, we apply a lot of handholding to get them to convert.

zig ziglar

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Working Remotely Saves Money


Most of the time when we talk about the benefits of working remotely, the conversation focuses on the worker—remote workers have more autonomy, feel more satisfied at their jobs, save on gas and car maintenance by cutting out the daily commute, and enjoy more after-work free time (yes, I could go on).

Photo Courtesy of Sachin Sandhu

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brand ambassador

How to Encourage Your Employees to Be Your Brand’s Ambassadors


Here’s a funny little story on how I got a new service provider when I wasn’t really in the market for one. While shopping at Home Depot, I noticed an interesting item in another cart and was eyeballing it pretty darn good. The married couple who was using that particular cart came back to find me staring at it’s contents. They teased that I was “trying to steal their stuff” and we all laughed it off.

Jeff Bezos

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Highly Effective Techniques to Block Distraction


For remote workers, there’s a constant struggle to stay focused: even when your to-do list is filling up, the allure of YouTube videos and Twitter streams can kick your procrastination habit into high gear. But when the web is also your workplace, it’s pretty tough to cut out distractions.

Derek Jeter

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customer support

How We Handle Customer Support at Sqwiggle, The Complete Breakdown


If you are in business, you’d probably agree with me in saying that everything is about the customer. There’s no endeavor worth pursuing that’s not customer centric. That said, a good customer service set up can mean the success or failure of your company. I’d like to walk through a few examples of how we approach customer service at Sqwiggle to give you a clear perspective of both where we succeed but also our past failures. This post will be a practice in transparency.

Sam Walton

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Quick Tip: Speech Dictation for Serious Writing


I typically find a massive buffer between my thoughts and slow inability to type. I’m actually a fast typer but still can’t move as rapidly as my own ability to speak.

For this particular instance, Dragon Dictation is my saving grace! With this trick, I’ve written entire 750 word rough drafts within a matter of minutes.

Dragon Dictate

The downside: There will be errors and your thoughts will be naturally more rough than if you crafted every single word by hand. This approach just requires a bit more editing and actually works well to push through writers block if you’re stuck. Speaking is easier than typing.

I will also occasionally use the speech recording app on my iPhone if I’m on the go. Just record and upload it into Dragon Dictate later!

Give it a try and let us know how it works for you in the comments or on Twitter!


The Psychology of Setting Goals


When you boil it down, productivity is a string of tasks completed in the most efficient way possible. But how can you measure efficiency without a set deadline or goal?


The fact is, deadlines can feel like a struggle: they turn day-to-day jobs into a race against the clock. But as much as some of us despise deadlines, they’re a critical aspect to a streamlined workflow—especially in a team setting.

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3 Ways to Prevent and Stop Procrastination


Procrastination is tricky and everyone struggles with it. I’m a remote worker so the dangers of procrastination are everywhere. According to this post by the Association for Psychological Science, up to 20% of people might be chronic procrastinators. That’s scary so what can we do about it?

enter image description here

Here are a few tips and tricks to fight the urge to procrastinate:

1. Frustrate Your Procrastination with Learned Behavior

According to researchers in post mentioned above, developing a strong understanding of the damage caused by procrastination as a learned behavior can actually frustrate you to the point of simply avoiding future procrastinating.

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Quick Tip: Simple Scheduling


Introduction to “Quick Tips”
I decided to start a “Quick Tips” section on the site simply because I’m a productivity nut and feel like this is the perfect outlet for simple simple tricks and tips that we’ve found in our life as remote workers.

Simple Scheduling

Today, I’m addressing simple scheduling because it’s a lifesaver! I’m on the phone or in some sort of meeting all day and the scheduling aspect of that is pure insanity. It’s kind of driving me crazy so I set out to find a solution.

It’s a simple scheduling app called “You Can Book Me“. Some of you might have heard of this, but if you haven’t, I would highly recommend it! It’s basically a spreadsheet of 30 minute time blocks laid out and translated directly from your Google Calendar. Give someone the link and let them book a 30 minute block of your time without the back and forth of negotiating a specific time. It’s that simple.

Here’s what mine looks like:

simple schedule

Have you tried this approach? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments!